Last week we had a visiting evangelist come to our church and preach several nights in a row. And coming out of that revival kind of left me on a high.

You know the feeling. After you hear a sermon or have a talk with a friend, it makes you want to strive to live like Christ more. You get this excitement in your eyes and passion in your heart.

Suddenly you feel like you could take on the world. You make all these promises to yourself that you won't do this or you'll start doing that.

And then, reality hits. You try to live the right way. You try to read your Bible, to witness, to pray. But somehow it just doesn't feel the same as when you were in that high.

I'm trying.

I'm so sick of saying those words. Because no matter how hard I try, I'm always going to mess up somehow.

We've got this all mixed up.

We need to stop focusing on us, and instead shift our focus to God. God can carry us through every storm, every battle, and every temptation.

Instead of saying, I'm trying, say God's doing. As long as we're placing our trust and reliance on Him, we will be able to weather the storms.


  1. I love you, honey! I am proud of you, & all you have accomplished in this past year! God does not promise us an easy life. Remember the message on Sunday about pressing forward. There are Biblical disciplines that we must practice & live out in our lives in order to live in obedience to God. God is doing a great work in your life, & He will continue to do so as you continue to make yourself a willing vessel for His glory. You are loved! ❤️Mom

  2. Eyes on Jesus little sister...good post! Remember perfection in this life is not the is KNOWING HIM!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and for reading, Pastor! And thanks for that reminder too, its easy to forgot that. :)

  3. I love you too Ash! Great post! Was challenged in my own walk. So blessed to see what God is doing in your life. Stay in the book, in prayer, and committed to a local church that preaches and teaches the book and actively reaches the lost. I love you! Dad


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