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I have another book review for today! I recently finished this book and found it very beneficial to my walk with the Lord.

The book I'm reviewing today: Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges

Have Christians become so preoccupied with the major sins of our society that we have lost sight of our need to deal with our own more subtle sins? Jerry Bridges returns to his trademark theme of holiness and addresses a dozen clusters of specific "acceptable" sins that we tend to tolerate in ourselves - such as jealousy, anger, pride, unthankfulness, and judgementalism. Jerry writes not form a height of spiritual accomplishment but from the trenches of his own battles with sin. In his admonitions, Jerry offers a message of hope in the profound mercy of the gospel and the transforming grace of God as the means to overcome our subtle sins.

Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We TolerateRespectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges

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"There is no question that there are cultural issues, such as abortion and homosexuality, that are clearly antithetical to God's moral standards. And I support those local leaders and organizations that have committed themselves to stand against them. But we need to remember that the first priority of the church as a whole is the proclamation of the gospel. Unborn babies do need to be protected, and the biblical standard of marriage does need to be preserved. But above all, people need to be rescued from the power of Satan and brought into the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. If we lose sight of the church's primary calling, then we are in danger of making an idol of our cultural and political initiatives."

Respectable Sins was a hard read for me. It brings to light the "little" sins that everyone deals with and doesn't shy away from truth. If you're reading this with a willing and open mind to help you combat the personal sins you deal with, then you will be more open to what Mr. Bridges writes. He doesn't write from a position of someone who is perfect, but instead from a fellow human who is struggling with us. This would be beneficial to any Christian who is hoping to grow in their spiritual walk.

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There were some really good topics covered in this book and it's inspired several future blog posts ;). So stay tuned. :P

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