Thanks for Being There

Hello fellow bloggers!

Today is my little sister's birthday and she is turning 9! Wow, I can't believe Abi has gotten so big... I love you little sis. :D

Here's a short thought I had today...

The other day one of my good friends posted something on social media about being tired. But then she went on to explain why she was tired - she has a job that provides her with money, she has an internship where she gets to work twice a week, she has siblings who play music, and she has bodily strength to work out in the morning.

And that got me thinking. Being tired isn't always bad. Sometimes being tired means you have a full life with people you love and things you love doing.

We often complain about being tired... but what if we complained about the things that made us tired instead? Because that's essentially what we're saying when we're complaining about fatigue - that we don't like whatever has been making us tired.

Maybe we should be more aware of when we complain about being tired. And instead of seeing things as something else to do, we could realize how good we have our life. How blessed we are to be able to do the things we do.

Just some food for thought.

<3 ashley

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