Sunshine of My Life

It started as a drizzle. A gentle reminder of spring.

I hopped into my car to head home one rainy night. It had been a long day. An early morning and a late night plus the added stress of dealing with kids all day had made me tired.

The streets were more wet than I thought. I tried to bring up my GPS but the data wasn't working right. I started to panic thinking I would have to navigate back in the dark and in the rain.

Thankfully my GPS finally pulled up and I was able to calm myself down enough to drive. The rain was getting heavier now, but I didn't think much of it. I've driven in rain before so it's no big deal.

But then the rain got really heavy. I mean I couldn't see the lines on the road heavy. I strained my eyes and followed thecar in front of me and hoped they knew what they were doing.

Lightening lit up the sky and made it seem like it was almost day for a second or two, then disappeared again.

I was driving through puddles now. I had to drive slower so I didn't hit them so hard. There were big puddles, puddles that would splash up on the windshield and make the tires on the car turn slower.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. Hail started pouring down in sheets. I could barely see 10 feet in front of me.

When I finally made it to the house, I quickly tried to run inside. My flipflops made a slap sound when I stepped in a big puddle, soaking my feet in rain water.

I fumbled around for the key, and unlocked the door. Ah what a relief to be inside shelter.

I could still hear the pitter-patter of the hail on the roof of the house, but it wasn't nearly as prevalent or loud as it had been in the car.

This whole experience made me think - life's kinda like a thunderstorm. It starts off as just a drizzle but can quickly turn into a full blown hurricane.

And as discouarging as that may sound there's a shelter that is available to everyone.

"God is our refuge and strenth, a very present help in trouble." ~Psalms 46:1 KJV
When we place our faith and trust in the Lord, He becomes a shelter for us. A protection against the storms of life.

Are you stuck in the storm or are you safely inside shelter?

<3 ashley

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