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Hello blogging friends. I have a big announcement... It's May! Just a friendly reminder in case you forgot... or maybe it just came creeping up on you and you didn't really realize it was already here definitely not what happened to me. I know I reminded you all about it last post but it seems that I forgot about it between now and then so this is more for me then for you guys. :P

So, today I wanted to talk about written communication. With all the technology we have, it's easy to communicate quickly via email, text, direct message, ect.

And it's pretty cool to be able to meet people over the internet and become friends with them.

But it's hard for you to really get to know someone through just written words. Because when you write something, you start to lose some things. You lose your tone of voice, your facial expression, or your body language.

That's why it may be harder to really know someone through just written communication. I mean you can definitely get to know people through the internet, I'm not saying that you can't at all. I'm just saying it's hard to develop close relationships without some sort of face to face meeting, whether that be FaceTime or real life.

Developing a close relationship online without ever meeting someone in person can be dangerous too since anyone can pretend to be whoever they want to on the internet.

So, to all my internet friends: you guys are awesome and I hope to meet everyone of you one day!

How accurate do you think this is? Do you have a lot of internet friends? Let me know in the comments!

<3 ashley

<3 ashley="" p="">No, I didn't forget... Happy May the fourth be with you day to all you Star Wars fans :P

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Also, I know this post is getting long but tomorrow is May 5 so happy Cinco de Mayo as well!

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