Congrats 2017

Here's a graduation card. :D

I'm embarking on my third year of posting on this blog and I just have to say... I'm amazed and blessed by all God has taught me through it.

It's definitely been a huge learning experience for me and I know it will continue to be in the years to come.

Some highlights of this past year:

Page Views: I'm almost to 20,000 page views! Thanks to everyone who visits my blog!

Most Popular Post: My most popular post was a Christmas post that I did for the 12 Days of Christmas link-up I participated in last year. Thanks so much to Faith over at Stories by Firefly for hosting that fun link-up! Here's was my most popular post this year: Christmas Day (12 days of Christmas!!)

New Pages: This year was pretty crazy in regards to new pages. I think I had three that I put up! You can check them out here - My Blog List, Recommended Book List, and The Fam.

Followers: I have 23 followers now! Thanks to everyone who follows my blog. I appreciate you guys :)

Well, I can't wait to see where this next year of blogging brings me. :)

<3 ashley


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    1. I know, it's crazy! These three years have really flown by. Thanks Rockie!


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