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I know I've said before that I've been planning on doing a post about the semicolon and I'm excited to announce that it's finally here!

So, first things first, if you've never seen the whole idea of the semicolon it's basically the idea that your story isn't over yet.

In English, we use a semicolon to connect two sentences together. Usually the two sentences are somewhat related to each other. Many times the sentences are showing one thing happening and then another thing happening as a result of that. So first this; then that.

The main point here is that the sentence doesn't end at that first point. It keeps going.

And that's how the semicolon works. Where there could be just two sentences, the semicolon jumps in and decides to continue the train of thought.

Continue is a good work to describe the whole semicolon idea.

It may seem like the sentence is about to end, til suddenly the semicolon comes in with a surprise that makes you keep reading.

Sometimes it's kind of like that in life, you get what I'm saying? We think we're done with our "sentence" when in reality it's only the beginning.

If we're short-sighted we'll only see the first part of the sentence - maybe something bad that you can't seem to get past. But when we choose to move on, we suddenly realize that that's not the end of the sentence... there's still so much more to go!

And that's what I love about the semicolon; it reminds us to keep going til we reach the period.

Don't give up on this life just because of a couple "wrong sentences" in your past. Choose to keep going until you reach the end!

God can pull you through!

<3 ashley

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