New Supplies!

I got some new paper, stickers, and Cricut cartridges so I thought I'd share them with you.

I think that I'm ready for graduation season now... ;) ^^^^

These two cartridges have been pretty fun to use. The Creative Cards one has a lot of good ideas for cards so that's been really helpful for me. It's been pretty fun to test the cards out and see how they look. We'll get to see some of them in future posts. :D

On a separate note; I did survive my doula class! I still have some steps that I have to take in order to get certified, but it shouldn't take me too long to complete them all.

And for those of you who are wondering; no I haven't gotten a new laptop yet :/ BUT I'm hoping to order one off Amazon sometime next week. Because in order to finish my doula course I kinda need a laptop...

Anywho, it's been a busy week over here so sorry I haven't posted before now. What has your week looked like?

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  1. How fun! Congrats! I've surviving as well! I hope your able to get that new laptop soon, I totally know the need for a working laptop with classes. very stressful when your laptop is acting up

    1. Thanks Rockie! I hope I will be able to too. It's kinda weird and stressful to try and plan posts at the last minute. Thanks for the comment!


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