You are in my prayers

Hey everyone,

I'm back. I know *cheers* I mentioned in my last post that I kinda took an unofficial break from blogging. Not intentionally. I just didn't find time to blog. But here I am, finding time to bring you some more thoughts from my brain.

I'm been thinking about friendship recently. You see, after you graduate it's easy to get out of touch with your friends. I've found that especially true with me and maybe even more so since we're going to a new church.

And what I've been learning is this: I've taken my friends for granted. It's easy to take something for granted when you have it. And though I haven't lost any friendships per say, I definitely haven't been able to cultivate those friendships like I once could.

I know new friends are awesome but there's just something about the friendships that have taken you years to develop that make those friendships more special. Those relationships that have stood the test of time and those people who have been through all life's yucky things with me aren't something I want to lose.

Becoming an adult has new and exciting responsibilities, but when we get too busy for family and friends, it can be a lonely path. "No man is an island" (kudos if you got that reference :D).

God never designed us to be alone. As an introvert, I have to learn that. When you can surround yourself with godly Christian friends who are pointing you in the right direction, it definitely makes this journey easier.

<3 ashley

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