Pink Happy Birthday

I know... it's not like me to not blog for 5 days but the internet over here was down for a few days so I couldn't get on my laptop to type this up. But don't worry I'm here now!

I'm just doing a short update post today since I've been pretty busy.

So, Thursday I started back to work again (I hadn't worked since Christmas.) and that was fun. It was fun to see the kids again and remember how much I had missed seeing them and interacting with them. I'm finally starting to connect with the kids in this CC group (not only the ones I babysit but some of their older siblings as well) and it's been awesome.
The hugs and smiles I get are truly priceless.

And tomorrow we have the annual Civil War Ball so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm going to be wearing the same blue dress I wore last year ( I think I might have posted one or two pics on this blog last year... haha if you remember that far back :P). Hopefully, I'll be able to post one or two pics on the blog for your benefit next post. ;)

Well, I meant that to be short but it was longer than I expected... apparently I had more to tell you than I thought. :D

How has getting back into the swing of things been for you? Have a great weekend guys!

<3 ashley


  1. Sounds cool! Have fun at the Civil War Ball!

    well technically I never stopped the "swing" I just kept going

    1. Thanks! I will!

      Haha oh yes I forgot. You just keep going going going. ;) you should really take a break sometimes :)

  2. Thanks for the update! You mentioned your work, what is your job?

    Getting into the swing of things has been good. Some alarming drama in the extended family, so we're praying there. Personally the only thing that's new is my beard, and how I'm planning out to check out a gym today. Time to get in shape! haha

    1. I do childcare for two homeschool groups with kids ranging from 2-9. So basically make sure they don't get into any they're not suppose to.

      Oh wow extended family stuff can be hard. We've been there before. I'll definitely keep that in my prayers. Haha you are going to post a picture of your beard on your blog right? Hopefully this one will work out better ;) ooh gym stuff is cool. I like going to the gym. I go with some friends 2 or 3 times a week and I love it! Thanks for the update Christopher!

  3. I’ve been getting back into the swing of things since Christmas break as well. :)
    That’s so fun that you went to a Civil War Ball! Did you have fun? :)

    1. Oh yes we had a great time! Thanks for asking Rebekah. I'll probably put a couple pics up on the blog next post ;)


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