Orange Thanks

Hello friends.

Welcome to 2017! (Kinda hard to believe, right?)

So I was looking back at last years resolutions... I posted them here on my blog. Let's check out which ones I kept.

1. Read the whole Bible in a year. Check! I got behind a couple times but I eventually caught up and was able to read through both the Old Testament and the New Testament in 2016!

2. Work-out at least 5 times a week. I was definitely slacking on some weeks but I think for the most part I kept that goal as well!

3. No more than one soda a month. Okay, I kinda forgot about this goal. But, even so. I still did pretty good with it.

4. Pierce my own upper ear-lobe. Check! I did my own double piercing on my left ear in May of 2016. Though I probably wouldn't recommend just anyone to do it themselves.

5. Read at least 60 books. This one I did fail miserably.... *looks at goodreads* it seems that I only finished 27 books this year. Oh well hopefully next year I'll do better.

4 out of 5 isn't bad though.

Did you all make any resolutions last year? How well did you keep them?
What about this year? Make any resolutions for 2017?

<3 ashley


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