Much Appreciated

This is me realizing I haven't posted in like a week and then realizing that it's practically the end of the month. *oops* #doublyrealizestwonotsocoolthings But for real I'm kinda wondering where January went...

Well, since it's the end of the month I have a compilation of some of my favorite posts from fellow bloggers this month so go ahead and check some of them out!

From the teens over @ Found Who I Am:
Get Excited About Your New Year's Resolution

From Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages:
Seeing Resolutions in a New Light

From Girl Defined:
Why Staying Pure for Marriage Shouldn't Be the Goal
How to Be Intentionally Available Without Chasing Boys

From author and fellow blogger Nadine Brandes:
Your Age is an Attitude Not a Number

From my book dragon friend over at Furious Ever Afters:
Let's Stop Being Dark for No Reason

Sorry I didn't actually read that many blog posts this month because I wasn't on my laptop very much (as you can tell from my infrequent posting). But hopefully next month I'll have some more.

So, I guess you could say I took an unofficial break? One that even I was unaware of lol. Don't worry I'm back though and hope to be posting more recently, I've just had a lot on my plate so please be patient and stay tuned for the next post!

<3 ashley


  1. Hahaha I took an unofficial break from the blogging world as well, since I had blog tours and cover reveals I felt a little lazy

    1. Haha right? The cover reveals and blog tours are fun but they're not very hard to throw together so it's easy to feel lazy :P I really liked your last post tho!


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