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This is one of those papers that doesn't really need any more decoration added to it, you know what I mean? 

Well, I watched The Book Thief the other night and guys THAT IS MOVIE GOALS RIGHT THERE. I was watching it with my bro Johnny and I didn't cry a whole lot during the movie but at the end Jon looked over at me and I just couldn't help but burst into tears. )': It's kind of a heartbreaking story in general but the perspective that they told it from just made it even more heartbreaking. If you haven't seen it yet you'll just have to take my word for it.

The Book Thief is set during World War 2 in Germany. The narrator is death. And though that may seem kind of weird, it really drives home some of the main themes. 

Max is one of my favorite characters. He makes some of the most profound statements. This is one of my favorite scenes:

Max is like the older brother to Liesel. And Liesel is the sunshine that makes Max's life worth continuing to live. Because even though he has to stay in hiding, Liesel makes it not so boring.

And then there's Liesel. She's felt rejection and the sting of death already in her young age. But she still manages to carry on and bring sunshine to those who she loves.

And Rudy. We can't forget Rudy. I LOVE THIS CHARACTER SO MUCH. I'm pretty sure he's the cutest little boy on the planet. Tho I could be wrong. 

He's the one who brightens Liesel's world and becomes her best friend. He's not really a thinking fellow but his cuteness outweighs that character flaw :P

And we can't forget: all the feels!! <3


I really loved this movie and I would definitely recommend it. It doesn't have a whole lot of action in it, but who says movies have to have action to be good?

<3 ashley

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