Let It Snow

It hasn't snowed a whole lot here yet. I think we've had two snowstorms but neither of them really stuck for very long.

Oh well. To me it just seems that if it's going to be cold it might as well snow. It's not really worth it otherwise!

Do you all like snow? I guess I might not like the cold but I think the snow is pretty.

I wen to a Christmas party the other night and the girls went ice skating and I was standing on the side watching and taking pictures and I was literally freezing! But I had a good time with the girls :)

This is basically my little sister <3
So have you been to any Christmas parties yet?

<3 ashley


  1. So how come you didn't skate with the other girls? :)

    Snow can be nice, but not when you're driving... it makes things very dangerous. Historically snow in my country could be a matter of life or death :/ Though it spurred on the fur trade, from a desire to keep warm, which basically built this country.

    For me, if I'm not driving, snow is a blessing. It's a sign that it isn't too cold. When you get much below freezing point, it can't snow. So it's a sign it's not dangerously cold out ha ha.

    I haven't been to any Christmas parties yet, but yours looked fun! :)

    God bless

    1. How come I didn't skate? Well I was kinda just there for moral support of you know what I mean lol. But it was so cold and I didn't really wanna go out on the ice since I didn't have gloves or a hat.

      Oh ya snow and driving don't go well together. We live in dirt roads so it can get even yuckier out there. Tho I do like seeing the snow fall. It's always pretty to me.

      You should throw a Christmas party! Haha but really that would be so fun. We have like 3 Christmas parties on one day so I'm kinda bummed everyone had to plan one on the same day.

      Thanks for the comment Christopher!

  2. Hey,
    We haven't had snow this winter in Germany, or could we talk about snow when I have taken confectioner's sugar and scattered this around the house with a lot of green?
    At the one hand I love snow because this allowes you to go snowboarding and it looks pretty nice white landscapes. At the other hand I doesn't like the snow because when you have to go by crowded busses to school everybody takes the dirty snow into it and your shoes are horrible with that gray snow sludge.
    I've never been invited to a christmas party:/ but in school we always have two lessons of talking togeter and eating cookies before christmas holidays.

    1. Hey Lea!

      Hopefully you'll get some snow out there soon! Haha confectioners sugar totally counts as snow ;)
      you like to snowboard? That's so cool! I've never been snowboarding before but it sounds like some thing I would like :D
      And I totally get all the dirty snow stuff. I hate that as well. Like after a couple days and the snow is just like brown... yuck.
      You've never gone to a Christmas party? They're so fun to have! Well that kinda counts as a Christmas party. Cookies are the best. We will have parties where we just make a dozen cookies and everyone brings some and we exchange the cookies so that we have a dozen different kinds. It's so fun!
      Thanks for commenting Lea! <3


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