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So, I mentioned in the previous post that I've been volunteering at CFLC. It offers parenting classes, pregnancy classes, fatherhood classes, and more.

I've been able to shadow several of these classes with clients and it's been great to be able to interact with young mothers and young mothers-to-be.

But something I've learned from volunteering is that it's not always exciting. Being able to help out young girls and influence them is definitely exciting but that's only a portion of what I do.

If you visited me at the center you'd probably find me sitting in front of a computer doing data entry, taking apart a stroller, or sorting through donated clothes.

It's definitely not glamorous work. But someone's gotta do those things. There's so many behind the scenes things that no one ever hears about.

So if you're looking to be in the spotlight, volunteering probably isn't for you.

<3 ashley

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