Thank You Stars

hey everyone.

I'm back.

And it's so good to be home.

We had an amazing trip though!

Which I will probably cover in a couple posts.... :D

On the plane!
I just love these lampposts!
But here's some pics:
The Library of Congress

Iwo Jima memorial

Fords Theater: The place where President Lincoln was shot.
Part of the WW2 memorial

The White House?!
The Vietnam memorial 

Just chillin'
Lincoln memorial 

Part of the Roosevelt memorial 

The Washington memorial (left) and the Capitol (right)

Look at all the green!
Now excuse me while I try to catch up on everyone's posts... did the internet explode while I was gone?

<3 ashley

P.S. I really thought I would be able to blog on the trip but sadly hotel wifi is spotty at best so I'm sorry I was gone so long and you'll hear more about the trip in the posts to come.

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