Thank You Blue Dots

I thought I would share another poem with you today. :D Since I love poetry so much...

You said you couldn't keep waiting,
For me to say 'I love you too',
But I'd said it to you every day,
In ways you never knew.
It poured over the umbrella,
That I held for you in rain,
Caught in the way I kissed your bruises,
Just to take away the pain.
Baked in the cake I made you,
When you got the biggest slice,
And when you told me that you loved it,
How I baked it for you twice.
It was buckled in the seatbelt,
I always told you to put on,
And in the ways that I would miss you,
Every time that you were gone.
I might not have said those four words,
In the old and standard way,
But I'd learned actions speak much louder,
Than anything that you can say.
So if you're really tired of waiting,
For those four words to leave my throat,
All I can say is that it's cold outside,
So don't forget your coat.


Actions do speak much louder than words.

<3 ashley

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