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Here comes the deluge of thank you cards. ;)

Recently, on Girl Defined (which is a really cool website for girls by the way and I'd highly recommend it) there was an article about chivalry. Which is awesome.

I don't hear a whole lot about chivalry these days. Most ladies feel that they can handle themselves without the help of guys. Which is probably true in most cases.

But doesn't it make you feel honored as a young lady to have a guy hold a door for you? Give up their seat for you? Pay for your dinner?

See, chivalry isn't about making girls feel degraded or weak. It's about honor. About love. And about selflessness.

So next time a guy offers an act of chivalry for your sake, don't feel put down. Be honored.

Read Girl Defined's article about chivalry here.

<3 ashley

P.S. Kristen and Bethany also recently did a vlog about the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris (who is like my favorite nonfiction writer by the way) that you might wanna check out as well.

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