So, I haven't made any bookmarks in a while so here's one!

Now, we have another book review for today. :) I've been reading a lot more which is good!!

The  review today is on The Skyriders by Christopher Hopper.

I've given this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was a little slow at the beginning but once you get into the story it is quite exciting. There's a little bit of mystery, a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of steampunk, and a little bit of dystopian. Which is actually really cool if you ask me.

Here's from the back of the book:

On the floating cities above the cloud-floor, the only rule is don't fall. 

18443916Junar is a seventeen-year-old boy following in the footsteps of his Ace Pilot father, Leif, as a flyer in the Kili-Boranna Guild, better known as The Sky Riders. As if life couldn't get any better, Junar's First Year apprenticeship riding the massive birds of the sky, the majestic felrell, takes a fortuitous leap forward when his father is promoted to the most prestigious position in all of Aria-Prime-Timber Pilot. Upon moving to the capital city of Christiana with his family, Junar meets fellow apprentices Liv, a strong-headed and alluring confidant, and Erik, whose favorite pastime is making life miserable for Junar. 

Junar's world takes an unexpected turn, however, when his father has a startling change of heart about his promotion. Embarrassed by his father's weakness and his mother's past, Junar endeavors to excel in his apprenticeship, and distances himself from his family by making his own name in the Guild. He sets his sights on competing in the Champions Race-a cross-world gauntlet whose winner is listed among the greatest felrell pilots in history. 

But behind the scenes, political factions and government conspiracies collide with Junar's new plans. The young pilot suffers a horrific blow at the hands of the Zy-Adair-the notorious Sky Pirates. And soon, his perfect world is spiraling out of control. 

From his unsuspecting alliance with the Inventors-dubious tinkerers and social outcasts-to his unlikely associations with the Brologi-the Chancellory Police-Junar must find a way to plead his case before the Chancellor of Aria-Prime and piece together a puzzle that threatens his entire world's way of life.

Christopher Hopper really does know how to craft a story, and this is no exception. In these floating cities, there's a message of forgiveness, family, betrayal, and love. Junar faces some of the most challenging things and yet proves strong enough to overcome each obstacle.

As the mystery folds out, I found myself screaming at Junar not to trust anyone. And as betrayal comes, it's not always from the places I thought it would. Several plot twists take the story in a direction I never would have guessed.

Also this section was so beautiful, like metaphors! (Gotta give credit here to Mr. Hopper.)
"All at once,  my bitterness... is dying. Dwindling. The flame of anger that's burned since the night I first found out about her unfaithfulness... is starving. And here in the chasm that is my chest, I see my fingers creeping toward a flame, a fire that I've fueled for far too long. I feel the heat, threatening to blister my skin. To sear me. But I can't help but move my hand toward the light as I feel Mom's hot tears on my neck.               
And that's when I decide to snuff it out. Welcome the tendril of smoke coiling up from the wick as the funeral pyre of my hate." ~Christopher Hopper in The Skyriders.
Ah, isn't it beautiful?

And Mr. Hopper, you really need to get to writing the second because I'm dying to find out what happens next!

 Thanks for reading!

<3 ashley


  1. This book sounds great, and I love the bookmark!! Yet ANOTHER thing to add to my TBR list which is REALLY starting to overwhelm me ;P

    1. Yes the book was really great!! Aww well thank you ;). I know the feeling... My TBR pile is stacking up too high as well!!


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