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Judgement is a big thing today. No one wants to be judged by others. They want to be able to do their thing without other people passing condemnation on them.

And really, it's not our place to judge. A lot of times, judgement is based on someone's outward appearance or the way the act differently than other people.

When we judge people by those standards, we could really be missing out.

See, normally when you judge someone, it's not someone you know personally; it's someone you just met or maybe randomly saw somewhere. Judgement makes you think something about a person that may or may not be true.
He's been really loud; that seems really self-focused.
Ooh, he dyed his hair orange! He must want attention.
Wow, she's not dressed very modestly. She must be looking for a boyfriend.

Instead of judging someone when you see them; instead of assuming the worst; maybe you should try and get to know them.

Once we can look past someone's exterior and see into his interior (the part that really matters) than we may have better relationships with others. Just a thought.

<3 ashley

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