I still have a lot to learn in life.

I'm learning to smile more. To enjoy the little moments more. To remember that life isn't always about doing. Sometimes it's just about being.

I'm learning to grow closer to God in a relational way rather than a religious way. I'm learning about the way that He sees me and learning to let go of what other's think or even what I think I am.

I'm learning to be with and know God more rather than just doing stuff for Him.

Because once I can know God than actions for Him will follow as a natural result.

A fellow blogger friend of mine just recently wrote about this; and I'd really like it if you'd check out his post: Intimacy with God.

<3 ashley


  1. I love this, Ashley! <3 I so so agree. You put this so well - that it's so much more about being than it is about doing. So much truth. The actions are good, of course, but only after we have an intimate relationship with God - which was the whole purpose of Jesus coming. :) Beautiful card!

    1. Thanks Amanda!! I'm so glad you can relate. Well yes, actions are good but like you said the relationship comes first. Glad you liked it!!


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