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I just did a fun link-up on More Precious Than Gold so be sure to check that out! There were some really good questions. 

I've been thinking about friendship a lot recently. I have a good number of amazing friends who can really get me and I can really get them. 

But sometimes in a friendship, you don't fully understand the other person. He might have explained how he feels about something or why he does a certain thing. But even after he's explained this to you, you still just don't get it

But does that mean you give up? Of course not! You keep trying to understand of course, but there may be some things that you'll never be able to fully understand.

And that's where you just have to accept the differences. Accept your friend even though he feels differently, believes differently, or acts differently than you do.

Obviously your acceptance should have boundaries. 

A little while ago a did a friendship post on More Precious Than Gold and I'd love if you check it out: More Precious Than Gold: Friendship.

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  1. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here!
    Happy Birthday wishes


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