Thank You

So, last post like totally got away from me... haha. I started out writing about introversion specifically but then kinda moved to the broader topic of personality types in general.

But that's what happens when you just sit down and write what's on your mind.

So, I figured I could talk about introversion  more specifically this time.

Being 90% introverted, I know a lot about the advantages and struggles of being an introvert.

So, what are some of the struggles of being an introvert?

1) Harder to make friends.
2) Wrong impressions of you because your quiet.
3) Fewer friends.
4) Feeling uncomfortable and awkward around new people.
5) Hard time voicing thoughts.

As an introvert, I really struggle. I look at extroverts and they seem to be the popular kids who don't ever feel nervous in social settings. But as an introvert, I also have some great advantages!

1) Thinking before talking.
2) Great imagination! :D
3) Excellent written communication.
4) Don't need people to re-energize them.
5) Just lots of thinking....
(It's all in the mind really. ;P)

We introverts don't not like people! We love hanging out with you all, but sometimes we just have to take some time by ourselves to recharge our batteries.

But when my battery is all charged, you might see my 10% extrovert side showing. ;)

<3 ashley


  1. Good to know! Introverts are great, in fact I have met few (if any) extroverts that I have been able to click with. Introverts may have a harder time making friends, but they seem much more loyal to the friends they make. The friendship of the introverts I know is deeply appreciated and valued. =) Thanks for sharing the post Ashley!

    God bless,

    In Christ,
    Christopher Green

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Christopher! It's cool to know that you as an extrovert don't always click with fellow extroverts... I'm the same way with introverts! For the most part my closer friends are all extroverted. And yes, us introverts tend to be very loyal friends. :) thanks for the comment! <3 ashley


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