We had a lot of graduations this year so you all know what that means, right? LOTS OF GRADUATION CARDS. Yep. So that'll probably be the next month.... :P Ok maybe not that long.

Well, I just posted some of my poetry on More Precious Than Gold so if you'd like to read it click here.

But let's not talk about poetry today... (haha well I already talked about it in my other blog but you know not on this blog.)

So, this post I'm gonna talk about introversion.

And since I am in fact an introvert, I'm probably qualified to talk about it. ;)

Introverts gain social energy from being alone. While they like human contact, it's mostly in smaller doses. Introverts don't need a lot of social time.

If you haven't taken a Meyer's Briggs Test, I highly recommend you take one. In fact, here's one of my favorite ones: Sixteen Personalities. Once you finish it there may be a bunch of letters that mean nothing to you.

Don't worry, the site will tell you what each of those letters means. And it will even give you a couple pages about your personality. It's really quite handy if you ask me. :)

Well, I'm an INFP-T. Don't worry, I'm about to explain that to you.

I stands for Introverted. (I'm 90% introverted!)

N stands for iNtuitive. (I'm 81% intuitive!)

F stands for Feeling. (I'm 90% feeling!)

P stands for Prospecting. (I'm 77% prospecting!)

T stands for Turbulent. (I'm 97% turbulent!)

Now the site will tell you more about what each of those words mean. And then there's four other letters that you'll probably come across.

So, do the test! And tell me what you're personality is!

<3 ashley


  1. ENSJ/ENFJ depending on when I've take then test :)

    1. Haha yes, I have a lot of friends who get different results based on their mood when they take the test ;)


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