Yep, it's the season for graduations so you'll probably see a lot of graduation cards coming up in the very near future. :)

Ok, so graduations are kinda like new beginnings, right? It's like moving to a whole new stage in life.

But it's crazy because you're finally starting to feel like you got this. Like you can handle this school thing pretty well and you feel like you're doing good. And then you graduate,

And all these new things get thrown at you. Like getting a job, the daunting task of college, or actually becoming an adult with more responsibilities.

Then, you're right back where you started. Trying to figure out this new life you have and balance it correctly.

It's a continuing cycle: New experiences that lead to growth; that feeling that you have it all together; and then more new experiences that remind you that you don't.

It's the ups and downs of life, folks. And as much a I dislike change, I know that this is only the beginning for me.

<3 ashley


  1. You graduated? That's awesome!!! I have a couple friends who have this year and it's crazy to think that it will be me in three years or so


    1. Well, I haven't officially graduated just yet... But I will be in a month or so! Ya we've had tons of graduations this year and it's so fun! Graduation is really exciting for sure.


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