Well, I'm sorry if I confused any of you in my last post... It did kinda sound like Jonathan and I were twins and we were having our birthday but Jonathan and Justin are my twin bros and they were turning 17.

So, guys. I'm the older sister and I'm celebrating my half birthday in like three days so ya wish me happy half birthday please. Haha I'm totally joking :P But I am gonna be 19 in December so this month technically would be my half birthday.

But ok enough about half birthdays.

Do you know something I don't like? I don't like stereotypes. It's basically putting someone in a box because of a certain label.

Like for example: introverts are suppose to be shy and not like social engagements. While there are many introverts who are like this, there are also many that are not. Same with extroverts.

That's the thing I don't like about stereotypes. They try and figure out what a person's like without getting to know the person. But every person is different.

It's impossible to tell something about a person just by looking at them. People make so many assumptions that just aren't true because they have a stereotype in their heads.

Let's stop assuming we know something about someone and instead get to know people without stereotypes blinding our view.

<3 ashley


  1. Ammmmmmmmmmmmeeennnnnnnnnnnn sister! Reminds me of a discussion on my blog ;)

    Oh so you're gonna be 19 eh? Soooo old. I'll have to call you grandma. JK JK. Not as old as me.

    God bless, thanks for the post!

    In Christ,
    Christopher Green

    1. Yes, I was actually thinking of that convo when I was writing this!! Haha great minds think alike ;)

      Ha. Ha. Well since you're older than me we'll just have to start calling you grandpa :P lol but for real one of my friends is turning 20 next month and I told him that he was OLD. And than my bro pointed out that I was gonna be 20 in a year and a half.
      Okay, so maybe that's not so old. ;)
      Thanks for reading, Christopher!

  2. Haha yeah, us old foggies! xD

    No problem, my pleasure!


    Gah, stereotypes. Totally with you there. I like getting to know someone before I know a lot about them, because then I'm not making assumptions! :)
    By the way, your cards are awesome. <3

  4. Haha thanks, Amanda!

    Yes, when I don't know someone very well, I find myself making assumptions about them that are normally wrong.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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