Pink Birthday

So, more birthday. Birthdays are always in season if you know what I mean. :D

There are some days that I sit down and make 5 cards in an hour and other days that I sit and stare at the different colors of paper and can't seem to get them to go together for the life of me.

Cause I find ideas on Pinterest, but I normally don't have the exact same paper and accessories as they do, and when I try to imitate it with what I have it just doesn't work out. Besides, I want to be original in my cards.

So, some days I say, "I need to make x number of cards today." but then get less done than I would like.

A lesson here: Just because you have a passion for doing something doesn't mean you'll always want to do it or it will always comes easily.

When it comes to pursuing what we love, perseverance is a necessity. That's what I've been learning.

<3 ashley

P.S. We have lots of graduations coming up, so hopefully some grad cards soon!!

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