Hearts... (Happy Birthday)

So, if you want to see what I wrote today take a look at More Precious Than Gold and see my post about friendship.

Last week some of my bros and my dad and I were in Nevada for an annual 4 day gun class we do every year. (Which was amazing by the way.) And there was a total of 18 people in our group. Our 12 passenger van was full for the 14 hour trip out there.

There's our group. Yep, I'm the only girl. :( It's ok though, I'm used to it. Besides, there's gotta be some girl to keep all the guys in check. :) Well, I'll throw some pics up for you all to see and then you ask any questions if you want.

Hope you all had as fun of a week as I had! (You probably didn't... ;))

<3 ashley


  1. That looks fun! I've shot a gun once. It was... Ok. :)

    1. Yes, we had a lot of fun! I'm not a huge gun person, but once you know what you're doing and getting good shots, it can be pretty rewarding! ;)


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