Happy Birthday (Teddy Bears!)

A happy birthday card for a little boy. :)

So, what to talk about today...?

Do you ever feel like your life just doesn't matter? Do you ever wonder what your purpose is? I do.

Sometimes it feels like I'm on the outside looking in on the world. It's like I'm watching but not participating.
It seems like many people are confident in who they are and what they want to do. And I wish I had that confidence.
The popular word today is "Be Yourself", but what if I don't want to be who I am? What if I look inside myself and see only dirtiness and pain?

That's where God steps in. He comes and cleans me from the filth that's inside of me. And then He gives me a new name and remakes me. It's beautiful really.
When I think that no one could love me, God gently reminds me of His saving grace that I have accepted and wipes the tears from my eyes.

And then He says that He's accepted me just the way I am.

Isn't it so amazing?! The God we serve!?

<3 ashley

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