Bithdays, Birthdays

So, I really have a lot of birthday cards and I'm running out of post titles... lol I've probably already used some of them twice. *oops* Oh, well. Writing the post title is the hardest part! Because I seriously just sit and type the rest of it... no brain power needed. Actually it's because my mind is already full so I really can't think. Ya no problem really. *sighs*

The truth is school has my brain fried. Like literally. I can hear the sizzles. Slight exaggeration.  But seriously. Do I really have time in my life to figure out a ten minute precalulus problem? Probably not, but I make time.

That's what it's all about; making time. Sometimes you just have to do certain things... even if you feel like you don't have time. School has been taking all my time. (And that is not an exaggeration.) But it must be done. And so I do it.

But soon I'll be graduating and be done with school for good!! (Ok, maybe not for good but you know.) That's what keeps me going. The finish line.

That's kinda how it is in our Christian walk too. We might not especially like it down here but we just need to plow through and keep going because heaven is just around the corner.

So, keep persevering and finish the race!

<3 ashley

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