Another birthday :)

Fun happy birthday card. And more rambles. I hope you know that I literally just sit down and write what's on my mind so it's usually not very put together and such.

Life is beautiful.

Despite the pain.

Despite the hard times.

Because that pain and those hard times make the ordinary beautiful. Without pain and heart ache, it would be harder to appreciate the beauty all around us. The trials of life always put the ordinary in a new perspective. It makes us realize how blessed we are and how beautiful life really is.

Even in the struggle.

When we're going through a struggle, the smallest things make the biggest difference. It's the smallest smile from a stranger, the drops of color splattered all over the leaves in autumn, the text from a friend you haven't heard from in a while, or the soft rain shower after a hot day.

It's beautiful.

Every where I look I see beauty.

People are too busy to notice the simple, ordinary things that make life beautiful.

Will you notice? Will you notice how artistic God is?

<3 ashley

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