Happy Birthday (Plus a side note)

 Happy Birthday card!! (Yay!)

And a side note: There is a reason that I never go down the scrap-booking aisle in stores. Because I already have so many scrap-booking stuff... so I don't need anymore right? WRONG! At least, that's what I say when I see all the stickers and paper... and I simply can't resist.

So, this is (^^^^) is why I don't go down the scrap-booking aisle... I end up bringing home lots of new things (and spending lots of money too...).

But it was worth it. (Right?)

<3 ashley


  1. I love scrapbooking stuff! My mom and I used to do it a lot. Now not so much, but we have a lot of stuff like that.
    I really like all your cards. They are so pretty.

    1. That's so cool! Thanks for visiting! I love comments. :)

    2. Your welcome! I'll be following to see more.


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