Just Me

Today I turned 18.


I've been on such an amazing journey ever since I've entered this world and at times it's felt like I would never grow up. Never reach the end of childhood.

But here I am.

And it feels... different somehow. Like something inside of me has grown up and is ready to take the adult road head on.

But I'm also just the same old me. Loving the same things and never wanting to venture out of my comfort zone.

Now I'm here and I can't believe it. The past has flown by and I can only hope to retain some memory of what happened there, in my childhood.

I can't wait to see what this new year will bring!

Soon, I'll be posting about some of the new, fun crafty things I got over this weekend!

<3 ashley

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  1. Happy birthday, Ashley! You're an amazing, wonderful friend... <3 you!!


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