Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving reflecting on all the blessings the Lord has bestowed on us. I was thinking of the things I am thankful for and I came up with this list of just 12.

1. Best friends

2. My family

3. The United States (even though we sometimes screw it up pretty bad... :P)

4. My Savior (No life without Him!)

5. Homeschooling!! (really tho!)

6. My amazing extended family

7. My church (they're more like family too!)

8. My future husband (I know you're out there somewhere!)

9. Nail polish, hair blowers, curling irons, makeup, and all that other girl stuff :D

10. The Bible!

11. Flowers (i <3)

12. whoever is reading this (yes, I'm thankful for YOU)

<3 ashley

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