Heaven on Earth

a baby is a little bit of heaven on earth.

A while back I was reading Sean and Josh McDowell's book The Unshakable Truth and I came across this section and it really hit home with me.

   "These trying situations and countless others like them reflect life in a world of difficulties and struggles. Humans make mistakes. Kids have problems. Friends get hurt. People get into trouble. Sometimes these incidents are genuine crises: a life threatening disease or injury, the breakup of a serious relationship, the death of a friend or relative, an unplanned pregnancy, and so on. But most of the time, they are the relatively minor disappointments, losses, conflicts, and hurts of everyday life. Dealing with these difficulties goes with the territory of living life as a human."
   "At these moments people are not in need of a pep talk, a lecture, or a fix-it plan. They need someone to identify with their pain and feel bad with them. Scripture tells that 'when others are happy, be happy with them. If they are sad, share their sorrow.' (Romans 12:15) That is what affirming love does. It impels you to identify with a person's situation, whether happy or sad, and to be there for them."

They go on to say:
   "To share another person's sorrow does not mean that we necessarily know what he/she is going through. We cannot always participate in another person's unique experience. Rather, it means that because we know our friend is hurting, we hurt with that person."

I want to be able to love people like this describes. I want to be able to hurt with someone just because they are hurting. That is truly the essence of self-denying love.

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