My Set Up

So today I thought I would do something different. I thought that I would do a post about where I work and make the cards that I post here!

Here's my table set up in my room.Yes, it's a little crowded I know... I'm going to get a thingy that hangs over your door so that I can clear off my table a little more...

These are my stickers and pens. I don't use a whole lot of stickers so I don't have very many but I do have lots of different colored pens. In fact, I need two containers to hold all of them!

Here's where my punch-outs and little sayings are (not to mention scissors and tape). In that black holder thing with the flower is where all the sayings that go on my cards belong and the white holder has my cut-outs.

This is my scrap pieces pile. I also have a star punch out there and my handy dandy cutter. This helps me have straight edges on my cards that I wouldn't be able to have otherwise.

And last but not least, this is what is underneath my table. I have all my papers in that big white holder along with some paper on the floor. The yellowish container has some extra papers in it.

So, now you all see where I work when I make cards. I usually turn on some harp music and work away!

On a side note, I would like to do another give away but I want to know what cards you like the most. So, if you could comment and tell me which ones are your favorite I'd be so happy! Who knows the next giveaway may have one of your favorite cards as a prize ;)

Thank you all and have a  great rest of your day!


  1. Hey Ashley!
    Cool post! I really loved the "You Make Me Smile" card =) It was so cute and happy! It made me smile… LOL. Keep up the good work!

  2. I like the "dream" card. It is really cute!

  3. Thanks guys...I think my next giveaway will include the "You make me smile" card. Yes, I like the dream card too Alyssa ;) Thanks for letting me know your favorites!


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