First Giveaway!!!

Ok, guys so I'm going to do my first ever giveaway!! Yes, I know it's exciting!

So, how to enter:

1. Become a follower of my blog if you haven't already.  Worth 1 point.
2. Blog about my giveaway and let me know you did with a link to your blog. (You can either comment or push the contact me button on the right side of my blog. If you comment please be sure your comment shows up because I've been having trouble seeing them.) Worth 2 points.
3. Do a Google+ post about the giveaway and tag me in it so I can see you did it. (or let me know the same way) Worth 2 points.
4. Vote on my poll at the bottom of the page and let me know you did. Worth 1 point. 
5. Comment and tell me how you like my blog! Worth 1 point.
6. +1 one of more of my cards on Google+. Worth 1 point. (If you already have I'll count it.)

<<<<<< The Prize >>>>>>
I know most of the cards I make are kinda girlie but guys you could always give them to you sis or special someone :)

The card You're Beautiful which you can see here, the card Hugs and Kisses which you can see here, and the card Reach High, Dream Deep which you can see here.

Enter right here!!

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Please feel free to leave a comment! Whether you're just stopping by or you know me personally I love to hear what you think of my cards!