Happy Memorial Day, everyone!
So I thought I would do a different type of card today...
This is actually just me getting creative with white paper and colored pencils. :D

Many of you people reading this have received this card... Basically, I write your name in the cloud and on the back...

I write why I like you. Why I like to hang out with you; what I like most about you; ect.
I write that part in the cloud too.
I'm not an amazing drawer (like someone else I know *hint hint*) but I can draw some basic things like flowers. So I really like this because it's not very time consuming and it lets my friends know that I'm thinking about them.
Hey, and if you haven't gotten one of these and you would like me to make one just for you, please comment and let me know. I think I got most of my friends but I really want everyone to get one. So don't be shy!
Thanks guys!


Please feel free to leave a comment! Whether you're just stopping by or you know me personally I love to hear what you think of my cards!